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        Doing Business in Myanmar Michael O’Kane
In Myanmar, each new day brings significant change. Following fifty years as a pariah state, Myanmar is rapidly moving to once again take its place among world nations. Myanmar has embarked on
an aggressive modernization program that promises to bring real change
to the country. The pace of change is breathtaking: construction projects are planned and awarded at a ferocious clip. The era of sanctions is for the most part over and foreign investment is actively courted.
Learn about:
— Commencing a Business — Legal System
— Taxation
— Employment Law
— Foreign Investment Law — Land Law
— Capital Markets
and more.
Learn about the opportunities in the new Myanmar. This handy volume is an indispensable guide to Myanmar’s business and legal climate.
About the Author
Michael O’Kane is an American-trained experience with decades of experience in doing business in the international environment. He is the author of Doing Business in Saudi Arabia and several other international business law related books.
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