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        Law and Rockets An American Lawyer in Iraq
Michael O’Kane
An American lawyer travels to Baghdad to run the office of a German law firm. What could possibly go wrong? Practicing law in a war zone isn’t so bad, if you can overlook the nightly mortar attacks.
Ten thousand tons of chicken are somehow stolen; a transgender government contractor finds sympathetic ears amongst Iran’s ayatollahs and the office phone keeps shutting off whenever a military convoy goes by. Meanwhile there’s a law practice to organize and clients to keep happy.
Sometimes it seems that conflicts with the home office are more stressful than the fear that a rocket exploding nearby will find its target.
Michael O’Kane is a former Chicago attorney (Loyola Law) and the last attorney admitted to practice in the Panama Canal Zone. Since then he has worked in Mia- mi, New Jersey, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Bolivia.
And Iraq.
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