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        The Grammar of Money Felouz
 I don’t know if God exists, but money does. Argue over the exitence of God but no one argues over the existence of money.
Debate the existence of God, but no one debates the existence of money.
There may be many gods but all worship money.
Nothing is as important as money. In this life, nothing is as important as money. What comes before or what comes after is a subject of debate. No one debates the existence of money. Money simply is. If you try to define it, the definition will slip through your fingers. Everyone knows what is and what is not money. Money is not an item of value, money is value itself.
Man’s god is money, the god of the here and now; of desire, of gratification, of fulfillment. But though money study money, the truth of money and its secret rules are just beyond their grasp. Money is evil but doesn’t care what you think. Money is you over the other guy or the other guy over you. Money is helping yourself, money is helping others with the goal of helping yourself.
To understand money, you must understand its rules. Like any language, money has its own grammar. No one will understand if you try to speak without grammar. If you do not understand the grammar of money someone will take your money from you. Take his away first, if you can.
Money has no shame, Do not let others take away your money, but try to take
away theirs first.
When life looks like easy street, there is danger at your door.
— Greatful Dead
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