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        Saudi Real Estate Law and Practice Michael O’Kane
The 2013 introduction of nine new real estate laws revolutionized the traditional real estate market in Saudi Arabia. Yet while seeking foreign investment to promote the real estate sector, most of these laws have not been translated. Nor is it easy to get answers, even from large law firms operating in the Kingdom, to simple questions like, “how you transfer a property?”
This book contains a historical overview, an analysis of Saudi Arabia’s new mortgage ecosystem, a summary of existing real estate laws and helpful practice pointers. The new laws are of course, translated and where necessary, annotated.
Included also is the full, annotated text of the Enforcement Law, a groundbreaking change to the Saudi legal system designed to make debt collection routine. Companies owed money in and from Saudi Arabia will find these chapters indispensable.
There is no similar book on the market today. Every real estate investor, practitioner and loan officer active in the Saudi market should keep a copy close by.
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