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Published Date: May 23, 2017

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Does Freedom of Religion mean Freedom to Kill?

New Orleans.

Home of vampires and voodoo queens.

Cradle of second chances.

A cold-blooded murder committed in the name of religion.

A radical religion, born in the rarefied air of the Andes, revealed in the little-known Guaraní language, which insinuated itself into the fabric of modern civilization without anyone noticing.  A religion that offers a comprehensive worldview, one powerful enough to make judges, Supreme Court justices, lawyers, a law school professor and a linguist rush to its defense.

TRIPTYCH is the story of the lawyer who is thrown into the path of this revolutionary text, only to lose his job and career in the process of defending a killer whose only crime was obeying the dictates of his faith.  Is it a disjointed story forged out of three separate moments in a heinous crime…or a single image viewed from three angles, all pointing to an ultimate, frightening reality?

You decide.


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