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How to Land a Legal Job Overseas

Published Date: April 25, 2017

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Shrinking Job Market for Attorneys?

THE JOB MARKET for new lawyers is shrinking. What was once a ticket and a guaranteed job is now a highly competitive struggle to land that first job. Many newly-admitted lawyers can’t find work as a lawyer at all. Should they get discouraged?

There is an alternative. Sidney Korshak has the answer: work overseas.

But I can’t, you say. I only speak English. I can’t get admitted. I have no experience. They never hire new lawyers anyway. But, but, but: Korshak deals with each of these obstacles and demolishes them.


Did You Know?

  • You can work overseas as an American attorney without being admitted in the local jurisdiction?
  • Jobs for newly qualified American attorneys come up all the time?
  • You can make a real contribution to a foreign practice?

Show Me How

How to Land a Legal Job Overseas is the new book by American international lawyer Sidney Korshak.

Korshak is an American lawyer who has spent much of his legal career practicing overseas, first in Latin America, but then in the Middle East and now Asia. Korshak has helped dozens of attorneys find jobs overseas.

The career advice contained in How to Land a Legal Job Overseas is worth hundreds of dollars, if it is obtainable at all.

Let Korshak show you the way.

Buy direct from the publisher at a special price of 2.99 for the e-book and only 9.99 for the print version.


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